The title of this post sums up what I’ve been feeling for the past couple of weeks. It’s become my new default emotion, and time away from it is short and sporadic. This week marks the end of my three month probation with AWLQ, and it just so happens to be coinciding with a few […]

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This Is Not A Resolution

I think this is the first year since I made this WordPress account that I haven’t started a new year with the old “hey, let’s try and post regularly on this thing” idea. Considering that I have never followed through with that, maybe this year I actually will.

So. 2014. Lots and lots of stuff happened, which made a nice change. I got a last minute enrolment into a Certificate II in Animal Studies course at TAFE, so that consumed a big chunk of my February to June. In amongst there I also started volunteering at AWL Beenleigh, and Paradise Country. TAFE finished, I had a couple of weeks to get my focus shifted, and then Zeke and I attended our first ANKC Nationals at Durack- which went surprisingly well. After that there was just a whirlwind of vollie shifts at AWL, Paradise Country, and I started down at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as well. And I was still stuck working at Liquorland. In September, I got a head’s up from Helen, the supervisor at AWL Beenleigh; AWLQ was taking over the Southside and Northside Brisbane council pounds from the Lost Dog’s Home, and they were looking for a couple of new people to hire alongside the LDH staff that they were keeping on. Helen put in a good word for me, I was surprisingly coherent during my interview, and I ended up with the position at the Southside shelter. I juggled Liquorland and volunteering alongside it for a little while before realising that, having just enrolled in another Certificate course, I was going to make my head explode and needed to just have work and study, not the other fifty things I was trying to keep in the air. It’s been a manic few months since, and I’ve had a serious learning curve and a couple of emotional meltdowns, but for the most part I’m really enjoying it; still can’t believe I get paid for looking after cats and dogs. It’s not a long term career path for me- still on wildlife, still going to be a zoo keeper- but while I keep studying and waiting, hoping, working for a break into the zoo industry, this is so much more fun (and helpful) than being a sales assistant in a liquor store. It also means I get to have lots of foster kittens at home, which is a pretty awesome perk.

What else? Agility wise, while putting together the video I was surprised to find that Zeke and I actually did compete at a trial or two per month for most of the year. I think his three titles were achieved this year- finished, at least, if not started and finished. It’s been a bit hit and miss with his back, but I think we’ve finally started to resolve the issues there and he’s definitely gotten faster and more confident jumping. Charlie was officially retired in January; he hangs out at home now.

I became a vegetarian. Then a vegan. Lost about ten kilograms. Realised that I can actually run. I realised what I want to do with my life, what sort of person I am, discovered what I’m capable of doing. 2014 was pretty awesome; I’m looking forward to this year.

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